Works in Progress


peacock images stage 1

Stage 1

Stage one lays down the silhouette. In this case I chose a black fill which will provide shadows and detail for the complicated structures in the tail.

peacock image stage 2

Stage 2

Stage two focused on outlining the feathers in the tail and on the back. Some of these were done with the vector pen but most were laid in with the pencil tool. There's some clean up work to do, but I like the feel at the moment.

peacock image stage 3

Stage 3

I'm experimenting with blends. I quite like the eye of the tail feathers. This is four ovals, a black, no fill with a slight gaussian blur applied, a blue and a green with a smooth color blend, and a final black fill with another gaussian blur. I'm not looking for photo-realism with this image, but I like the softness of the transitions. I'm not happy with the head and neck, so that will take some more experimentation. There's an elusive quality to the iridescent feathers on a peacock's body that's going to be fun to try and capture

Interestingly, although I started this image for fun I just got a request for a print job that might need something similar; very nice when play and work go so well together.